Off to the States
to watch and play

It’s a shame to have to tear myself away from our saturated golf courses but I’m off to Arizona this weekend and look forward to watching Rory, Tiger, Lee, Luke et al in the World Match Play.

After that it is over to Florida for the Honda Classic and the Doral. I used to go to these sort of glamour tournaments to work as a golf writer but now I am going as a tourist and I don‘t plan to work at all except for sending back the odd dispatch to thegolfinghacker.

I’m also going to play as often as I can in the hope that some nice weather will help get the wrinkles out of my swing. At least I’ll be playing.

I’m due to squelch around in our four-ball better-ball comp before I go (if the course is open) and that would be my first appearance at The Glamorganshire since Boxing Day.

I have managed to play a couple of times at Royal Porthcawl but the conditions were not clever and on the last occasion my driver snapped.

I would like to report that it was the result of my hitting the ball too hard but, in fact, on the 10th tee I didn’t even hit the ball at all. I missed it completely which was very embarrassing.

After the round I leaned my bag against the wall and the club head of my driver, plus eight inches of shaft, fell to the ground for no apparent reason.

Someone suggested that after the shame of the air-shot it had committed suicide. It could be the first instance of a club topping itself.

The pro kindly fitted a new shaft for £50 but with the course closed I had to go to the range to try it out. I went to the range at the Vale of Glamorgan complex and borrowed a couple of new drivers for comparison.

I didn’t hit the ball too badly but couldn’t decide if the new clubs were better than my current one. I’ll try them again when I come home.

It was good to hit some shots again but after 50 balls I was knackered. Not far from where I was whacking away, the Welsh rugby were training hard and I hope I can find somewhere over there to watch their next two games.

One thought on “Off to the States
to watch and play

  1. Legend, have a great time in the sunshine I,ll be in snowbound New York visiting my daughter at the same time. Hope this is the year to break the barrier. Miss Daisy broke her driver. You know my chest size,money no object,cheers Bob B.

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