Andy fights for
his fiver back

Andy Ferrier, my fellow 28-handicapper who last weekend lost a fiver to me despite my returning the shameful score of 142 in a medal, is seeking his revenge — and, especially, his fiver.

Last week we weren’t playing in the same three-ball but had a fiver on the outcome. He was in the three behind and while I was finding trouble after trouble he seemed to be doing well. At least, every time I looked behind he was happily waving at me.

So when I reached the clubhouse I was ready to pay up. But it was he who handed me the money. He’d started six, eight and 12 and when he lost a ball on the fourth he voided his card.

So that made me the winner and him a laughing-stock. Of course, he claims that had he carried on he would have scored far fewer that 142 but I doubt it.

Anyhow, there is another medal this weekend and he is determined to win his fiver back. I don’t think I could ever play as badly again so I’m confident. I’ve been playing a few holes on my own during the week and haven’t hit the ball badly.

Andy played in the Wednesday swindle and scored only 19 points so his form is not bright. He hit’s the ball a hell of a long way but, like me, finds trouble in ways you can’t possible imagine.

But the golf will be played in the best possible spirit and since we are sharing a buggy it better be.

One thought on “Andy fights for
his fiver back

  1. Peter- No matter what — make sure you put your card in and encourage all others to do the same!

    We cant all win and we cant all be last, but it is important that we all compete to the end…. a bit like playing cricket as a kid and batting for ever, but always prepared to do your share of fielding and bowling!!

    And even if your total score is not what you want…. you always got a chance of a hole in one!!

    Have a great day… see you at the 19th!

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